Highlights:   IMEDI version 6.x

  •   Secure  
      ETL (Extract, Translate, Load)
  • Shared Centralized Web UI:
  • Run Standalone or Integrate with GE Centricity Business and Epic
  • Work on each interface in a centralized web application that is easy to understand
  • Manage trading partners and their implementation guides
  • Create, manage and support ETL setup and changes
  • Insert business logic
  • Operations and Troubleshooting
  • Correct data exceptions and repost
  • Develop exchanges targeted directly at certain trading partners
  • Import/Export to/from Excel
  • Development Flexibility and Choice:
    There is more than one way to create an interface…
    1. Map, cross-map and translate data without having to write code for each
    2. Integrate with GE environments (Data, objects, SQL and programming) directly
    3. In the same method you can use the following to create supporting code:
    4.   Caché Objects
        Caché Object Script, JavaScript and html
        Caché SQL
        ODBC data sources
        web services
        legacy MUMPS/M, AES

    5. Plug in custom business logic (components) at many API entry points
    6. Build a library of components that can be shared among interfaces of the same type
    7. Override any IMEDI interface processing step if one does not work for your situation
    8. Run Analytics Algorithms with SQL
  • SupportClient Login
  • Easy to use web gui to manage your trading partners, exchanges, specs, maps, operations, input, output, email alerts, data & file transfer, auto-schedlues, reports, tables, cross-maps and troubleshooting
  • Sample Implementations
  • Referral portal extracts
  • Member Out-of-Pocket (MOOP) imports
  • Additional Claim Data imports
  • Claim Examiner integration
  • Claim extracts
    o by status
    o by entry date
    o by last edited date
  • Claim Examiner advice post back
  • Custom referral conversions to X.12 278
  • Enrollment Extracts