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  • Continuous integration and connectivity can be a bear. Determining how each trading partner defines a single data element can be exhausting especially when there are hundreds of data elements being exchanged. The first order of business is to identify the commonly defined elements. What you are left with is a list of elements that need some form of translation to get from one system to the next. Sometimes this is a direct cross map via a table, or a default value, or business logic needs to be created to calculate an item. Business logic can come in many forms and use data from lots of sources. We have created business logic in our libraries to calculate values based on combinations of Incoming data, Outgoing data, elements from SQL and noSQL data bases, system of record elements. Many times creating sophisticated matching algorithms are needed to verify identies, enrollment records, claims, referrals, addresses, vendors, providers, billing areas and so on. Many times once these algorithms are functioning they allows access to augment incoming data in important ways to help make the data the most reliable.