Founded in 1995

    Founded by Neil Manning and Andrea Kounelas to provide our clients the ability to control their HIT Software Systems with solutions they need when they need them.

  • Neil Manning / CEO

    Epic Chronicles 2014 certified
    Neil Manning has 25+ years of healthcare technology experience developed while working for clients across the country. He has worked for a wide range of organizations including large scale payers, HMOs, integrated delivery networks, and startup healthcare company WebMD. His technical expertise includes a solid foundation in Caché, Ensemble and HealthShare and HIPPA EDI transactions.

  • Mr. Manning’s healthcare technology experience began at the IDX Systems Corporation in Boston, Mass. soon after he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Mathematics minor, at Westfield State University, Massachusetts in 1989. After IDX, he pursued Caché programming opportunities at TransWestern Publishing and Creative Socio-Medics Corporation (CSM) before founding InfiniMed, Inc.

  • Mr. Manning is a principal and senior level technical consultant at InfiniMed, Inc. His projects have ranged from being a member of the development team for Racer 1.0 at WebMD to being a member of the EDI development team at IDX Systems Corporation specializing in the EDI toolkit, X12 and HL7 transaction sets. Drawing on his many years of experience with interfacing and integration of healthcare software systems, he developed InfiniMed’s flagship product IMEDI. IMEDI is an integration and interfacing environment used to rapidly develop data exchanges between trading partners in healthcare. His clients have included prestigious healthcare organizations, payers, and academic medical centers. Mr. Manning is an expert Caché and Ensemble developer and Healthshare Implementation consultant/developer.
  • Andrea Kounelas / President

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    Andrea Kounelas has 25+ years of extensive experience in the healthcare industry. In that time, she has worked for organizations that focus on the healthcare industry’s need for software, customization, support, and other technical services. Ms. Kounelas has worked for clients across the country including academic medical centers, healthcare providers, and payers. Her experience includes extensive work in data conversions, custom programming, interface design and coding, and implementation of software.

  • After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell in 1987, Ms. Kounelas began her career at IDX Systems Corporation. At IDX, Ms. Kounelas spent eight years as a software engineer. As a programmer for the Billing and Accounts Receivable product, Ms. Kounelas was responsible for the clients based in the Midwest and Western regions, and served as the technical resource for the Accounts Payable product for all of the regional offices. As a senior software engineer on the Managed Care Installations team, Ms. Kounelas was responsible for the conversion of data from legacy systems onto the IDX system, including writing specifications, creating custom DBMS screens, and automating data conversions.

  • Ms. Kounelas is a principal and senior level technical consultant at InfiniMed, Inc. Founded in 1995, InfiniMed is a successful consulting company that maintains the highest level of healthcare industry experience in each of its programmers. Ms. Kounelas has worked with a variety of clients including GE Healthcare, large academic medical centers, and several successful health maintenance organizations. She has led or been responsible for projects such as software application upgrades, data extraction projects, and data conversions from legacy systems into the client’s Managed Care application. She has been responsible for the complete support of all interface programming and any additional custom programming for the conversion of providers, employer groups, plan links, enrollment, and referrals. Ms. Kounelas has extensive experience in managed care environments and is able to translate business needs into technical specifications She is an expert Caché and Ensemble developer and Healthshare Implementation consultant/developer.